10th anniversary party with Hopey the mascot.Photograph by Brandan Roberts

10th anniversary party with Hopey the mascot. Photograph by Brandan Roberts

As Hope Channel celebrates ten years of television ministry, we reminisce over some milestones, in awe of the many miracles we have experienced:

  • Approximately 2.5 million baptisms have resulted from events broadcast on Hope Channel
  • We had no regular live programs when we began. Now approximately 100 hours of programs are broadcast live every week across the network.
  • Staff around the world has grown from 75 to about 700 and many volunteers.
  • We started with five satellites and little local distribution; now we are on 14 satellites, on 16 footprints, from which hundreds of cable networks and local television stations redistribute Hope Channel
  • We began with less than 3000 hours of shows; now we have over 65,000
  • Channels increased from 2 in 2003 to 23 in 2013

Hope Channel is blessed to be able to span the earth in many languages and cultures and offer God’s good news for a better life today and for eternity.