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Current Issue

1st Quarter 2018

In this issue…

  • Interview with Bodil Morris

    Bodil Morris has played many roles for Hope Sabbath School over the years. Learn what keeps her going in this powerful ministry.

  • Far Beyond Our Greatest Expectations

    Hope Channel’s first partnership weekend in Asheville, North Carolina was full of blessings and miracles!

  • Changing Lives around the World

    Hope Sabbath School viewers from around the world share stories of how it has impacted their lives.

Previous Issues

4th Quarter 2017

In this issue…

  • Broadcast to Baptism

    Diane’s discovery of Hope Channel led her to baptism and a life of joy she had never dreamed of.

  • Network Leadership Conference

    Hope Channel leaders from around the world come together to share stories and plan for the future.

  • Following in the Footsteps of Paul

    Tour Greece with Hope Channel President Derek Morris and international evangelist Pastor Mark Finley.

3rd Quarter 2017

In this issue…

  • Lives Being Changed

    Testimonies of people from around the world whom God has blessed through the ministry of Hope Channel.

  • Beth’s Journey

    Drastic changes in Beth’s life meant less independence, but it led her to great freedom in Christ.

  • Great New Shows!

    Exciting new programs are coming to Hope Channel this summer and fall!

2nd Quarter 2017

In this issue…

  • What’s in Your Hand

    God asks us to be faithful stewards—not just with our money, but with everything He has blessed us with. Learn about the four principles of stewardship.

  • God is Something Else

    June was searching for a blessing when she suddenly experienced God leading her in an amazing way. And Hope Channel was a central part of her story.

  • Full-Circle Blessing

    Blessings often result in a domino effect, touching more than just one person. Discover your place in full-circle blessings.

1st Quarter 2017

In this issue…

  • Promise of Peace

    God’s promises give Kay not just the endurance to face tragedy, but also the ability to forgive those responsible for her son’s death.

  • Christian TV in a Secular World

    God is opening doors for Hope Channel in North America’s non-Christian TV industry

  • Resolutions are for Keeps
    When our resolve is not just to better ourselves but also improve the lives of others, resolutions are easier to keep

4th Quarter 2016

In this issue…

  • Stitches of Faith.

    Jill’s amazing faith has brought her through difficult times, giving her purpose and hope.

  • He Gives Me Strength.

    Even while facing death, Floyd continues sharing God’s message of love and forgiveness.

  • Living with Gratitude.
    Take the time to put what’s important first in your life, giving thanks for all your blessings.

3rd Quarter 2016

In this issue…

  • Dreams, Visions, and Hope

    Learn how a remote village lived to see their hopes of a better life come true.

  • How Lita Found Her Church

    Lita’s search for good health and answers to life’s questions led her to a church that is now her new family.

  • Project Hope Fiji
    Learn how over 400 programs were produced in 28 days.

2nd Quarter 2016

In this issue…

  • New York City Wrapped in Love A series of providential happenings leads to Hope Channel sharing billboard space in Times Square with major retail companies.
  • Never too Late, Never too Old Be inspired by how an anonymous donor expresses her support for Hope Channel.
  • Inside Hope Channel: Justin Woods Meet Justin, Manager of Web Services at Hope Channel

1st Quarter 2016

In this issue…

  • When I Need… Read stories about how Hope Channel is meeting the everyday needs of people.
  • Changing Lives for Jesus Review the accomplishments of Hope Channel in 2015, and learn about the plans for the new year.
  • Hope Channel Canada Learn about the latest Hope Channel affiliate in North America

4th Quarter 2015

In this issue…

  • We are Called… Use Hope Channel as a tool with which to share your faith. Be inspired by stories of people whose lives were changed when they found themselves not just in front of the TV but at the foot of the cross.
  • New Season, New Channels The new season has begun with fresh episodes of your favorite shows. Also learn about the new channels that have joined the Hope Channel network—we now have 44 channels around the world sharing God’s good news
  • Free Printable Let’s Pray Poster
    Download it here

3rd Quarter 2015

In this issue…

  • 10 Days to a Better LifeTry Hope Channel for ten days and discover how much better you feel. Expert advice from professionals, inspirational devotionals from hosts, and new insights from science that will put you on the road to a longer, better life.
  • Needed: More Changed LivesMeet people whose lives were turned around through the message and ministry of Hope Channel. Find out how you can help bring joy and contentment to someone.

2nd Quarter 2015

In this issue…

  • Mega Project Hope: Papua New Guinea Learn how Hope Channel volunteers and staff from all over the world helped start the network’s newest channel.
  • A Viewer’s Prayer Feel the Power that changes lives through this special letter from a Hope Channel viewer.
  • Report from Guyana Hear how lives in Guyana are changed when people watch Hope Channel shows.

1st Quarter 2015

In this issue…

  • Los Angeles: We’re Almost There! Hope Channel is in the final stages of launching a new television broadcast in Los Angeles. Learn how you can be part of this amazing opportunity to share Jesus in one of the largest cities in the United States.
  • Yu: The Fragile Teacup Be inspired by the story of one lonely woman’s response to God’s calling and how God, through Hope Channel, helped her find both friends and a new purpose in life.
  • Rare Broadcast License in Russia After centuries-long controls over religion, Russia began loosening its grip on communities of faith in the early 1990s. It is within this context that God has provided Hope Channel with its newest channel.

4th Quarter 2014

In this issue…

  • Camporee 2014. Thousands of young people attending an International youth camp learn about how Hope Channel is making a positive difference in the lives of many.
  • Cross Connecting with Thomas. Taking time out to personally visit a viewer and his family, Hope Channel host Oleg Kostyuk discovers the joy that comes when one allows to be used by God.
  • Happenings. Find out about new shows starting this season and the exciting things happening in Hope Channel studios in Malawi, Indonesia and the Philippines.

3rd Quarter 2014

In this issue…

  • Hope Behind Bars. A single TV in the middle of a common area was airing Hope Channel, and the inmates, first out of curiosity and then out of conviction.
  • How Real is Hope. There is no story more prominent of a person with reason to despair than that of Job.
  • Happenings. Hopey spotted in Bucharest and Novo Tempo expands to reach potential audience of 18 million.
  • PLUS a poster about a new show

2nd Quarter 2014

In this issue…

  • In Egypt, Ibrahim picks up a new satellite signal that introduces him to Christianity.
  • In Indonesia, Batara’s attempt at suicide is miraculously thwarted.
  • In the United States, Linda’s years of depression finds its way out of her life forever.
  • In India, families from 25 villages discover Jesus and new life amidst their poverty.

1st Quarter 2014

In this issue…

    • Let it Shine!
    • Apple seeds and ambassadors
    • Hope Channel reaches four large cities
    • Big changes in the Hope Channel Roku app
    • PLUS two posters for you to use in your community

4th Quarter 2013

In this issue…

  • Looking back on Hope Channel
  • Meet our viewers
  • What inspires you to give?
  • Finding hope serendipitously

3rd Quarter 2013

In this issue…

  • Ryan’s Story: The journey of one man with his bride and his God.
  • Looking Back: Stories that celebrate ten years of Hope Channel

2nd Quarter 2013

In this issue…

  • 620 Cities and Growing
  • Just Like a Tree
  • Meeting People, Meeting Needs
  • Going Where the People Are
  • An Oasis in the Quagmire