Avian flight requires a cause that’s able to visualize a distant endpoint and bring together everything necessary to achieve that endpoint. Only intelligence is capable of that kind of causal process.” — Paul Nelson, Philosopher of Biology

The poet William Blake wrote that to see an eagle in the air is to observe “a portion of genius.”

In Flight, the ingenuity of a bird’s behavior and biology showcase unmistakable evidence for design, purpose, and plan. They are displays of genius best explained by intelligence and mind.

Filmed in North America, England, Peru, Greenland, and Antarctica, Flight probes the mysteries and mechanisms of a bird’s anatomy, instinct, and embryology to reveal stunning provisions essential for life in the skies.

  • You’ll marvel at a hummingbird’s unique skeletal, muscular and metabolic systems — all vital to its spectacular aerial acrobatics…
  • The endurance and navigational abilities of an Arctic tern as it travels from pole to pole during the longest migration on the planet…
  • The instinctive strategies that enable a flock of 300,000 European starlings to evade predators at break-neck speeds…
  • The elaborate network of a million component parts that make a feather an aerodynamic masterpiece. And much more.

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