Except for God, Rosie never had much of anything. But it turned out that God was everything she needed.

Abandoned as a baby, Rosie discovered early on that life was no bed of roses. She experienced what no child should endure: repeated rapes and violent beatings by her adopted parents, the very people who took her to Sunday school.

As a young adult, Rosie’s life continued to precariously spin out of control. She married early and disastrously; her husband was murdered, leaving her with a young son to support. Scared and alone, she moved to another state to live with a man who promised to “save” her, only to unveil himself as another abuser.

After an unsuccessful stint in rehab, Rosie turned to the streets broken and in despair. Addicted to drugs and cigarettes, plagued by Hepatitis C, Rosie lived in old trucks. She soon found herself caught in a relentless cycle of misery and self-loathing.

When the darkness threatened to permanently enfold her, Rosie prayed, “Help me, dear Lord, I just don’t know how I can do this another minute.”

And God responded through Let’s Pray on Hope Channel. She says “ When I watched your TV show, I was uplifted by all of God’s miracles. I started journaling my blessings and miracles, and in a few short months I had hundreds of answered prayers.”

Once a two-pack-a-day smoker, Rosie is down to just a couple of cigarettes a day with the help of our smoking cessation program. But even more importantly, she turned over her addiction to God, and today she is finally drug free.