Dear Friend,

Tears welled up in my eyes several days ago, as I listened to this poignant appeal from a mother:

“Please pray for my daughter who has wandered away from God and for my sons to return to the church.”

My tears were not just for this dear woman. The sadness and pain in my heart came from a place much closer to home. In my own circle of family and good friends, there are far too many prodigal children.

In my home church, I can’t help but notice the teenagers and young adults who are missing. Over the years I have taught their classes in church and joined them on camping and mission trips. Some Sabbaths I imagine a photograph in my mind’s eye of all the children I watched grow up in my church. But while the choir sings and the pastor preaches, more than half the youth in the picture begin to fade.

And soon they completely disappear.

This exodus of youth is not happening in my church alone. Statistics across North America are tragically painful. More than half of young people leave their church by the time they graduate college, if not high school. Sadly, somewhere along the way they begin looking for God and answers in all the wrong places. But in spite of this bleak picture, I have good news that comes from your support of Hope Channel . . .

Everywhere, there are many prodigal sons and daughters who are returning to God as a result of Hope Channel. Recently we received this anonymous message from one of them who is taking a first tentative step back home toward our Heavenly Father.

“I am a young Sabbath-keeping Christian. At this moment my life is so chaotic. I really need help. I want to trust God, but I have such a hard time believing that He is willing to change my life. Please pray that He will keep me in the faith and that I will believe in Him more.”

You can see that despite this young person’s intense struggle, there is a sincere desire to be faithful. With your
support, Hope Channel broadcasts television programs in North America and around the world that are designed specifically for teens and young adults. The Cross Connection show is an example. Day after day show hosts Oleg and Sergio, along with their guests, open the Word of God on air. With a fresh perspective they systematically explore the story of Jesus as it is written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Verse by verse they make the gospel relevant to a youthful audience who are continuously bombarded with temptations to turn away from God and doubt His very existence.

In fact, we recently learned of a Christian boarding school in Kenya, Nairobi where students are regularly shown Cross Connection and other Hope Channel shows. School administrators report that as a result of watching Hope Channel, 60 students have committed their lives to God and have followed Jesus through baptism.

Praise God for the way He used Hope Channel to reach these 60 students! Because you support shows like Cross Connection, we’re turning the hearts of young people around the world toward God. Whether or not they are connected to the church, Hope Channel makes a difference. These programs are also extremely effective with young adults who never had the opportunity to develop their faith in God as a child or teenager. Listen to Robert.

“My parents had an unhealthy relationship. Child Protective Services would often come to our house. Sometimes the police came to break up arguments and violent fights. In this turbulent environment I grew up very angry, sad, and confused.

“As a teenager and college student I masked my deep pain with a lot of drinking and partying. I was searching for God in all the wrong places. I tried to find happiness in various kinds of religions, from Islam and Mormonism, to Buddhism and Greek mythology. But one day as I was changing television channels I found Pastor David Asscherick’s program and Doug Batchelor’s Amazing Facts program. Only then did I begin to learn about God and realize that He has been searching for me all of my life.”

What a great testimony to God’s faithfulness!

It is so inspiring to see young people from so many different backgrounds and every corner of the world make their way home to our Heavenly Father.

Because of your support that Hope Channel has the resources to broadcast programs like Amazing Facts and Pastor Asscherick’s new series titled “GOD?” These programs provide new believers in Christ with answers to life’s toughest questions. I am grateful for your partnership with us. Together we are using television to take the gospel into all the world.

This month I encourage you to invest in the future of young people everywhere. The world is tearing our children away, and we must do all we can to bring them back into the loving arms of Jesus. Will you help Hope Channel through your prayers and financial support?

Robert wants to thank you for supporting Hope Channel and television evangelism. He has these words of gratitude specifically for you.

“Today I am part of a Sabbath-keeping church in San Antonio, Texas. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for you and the ministry of Hope Channel. God is prompting thousands on the brink of death to turn on their television and find hope in His Word. Thank you for helping God save my life!

“So many people in the world have lost their moral compass. Just as I once did, they are looking for happiness in places where it cannot be found. I’m so happy to see that Hope Channel is reaching out to young people through its programs. I encourage you to support Hope Channel. If we don’t call young people back to God, Satan will claim them as His own.”

Your support this month is vital. Hope Channel must produce more positive, life-changing programs that are relevant to young people. Your partnership with Hope Channel will play an important role in reaching others like Robert. Thank you for working with us to prepare the way for Jesus’ soon coming.


Brad Thorp, President