Inside Hope Channel: Carmen Latourette

The Viewer Services Department plays a vital role at Hope Channel. We are the first people viewers meet through a phone call, an email, or a letter. I am honored and blessed to talk to and pray with people every day. As I look back over my life, I see how the Lord prepared and led me to Hope Channel.


I was working in the human resources department of a large for-profit organization. Part of my responsibility was to facilitate orientation sessions for new employees. This gave me a lot of experience interacting with people of all ages and education levels. I learned the art of listening and effective communication.


My life changed when a co-worker introduced me to biblical truths about health. I was soon hungry for more spiritual truths and began a personal relationship with Jesus that has continued to grow deeper and stronger. Now, in my everyday activities as coordinator at Viewer Services, I seek to find ways to befriend others and share my faith.


Both my skills at interpersonal relationships and my growing faith help me when answering phones at Hope Channel.


Many who call are just discovering or rediscovering their relationship with God, and I feel I can relate to them. I know how exciting that can be! I especially enjoy praying with viewers—that their walk with God become stronger as they learn more about the great truths of the Bible.


Several callers have limited incomes, yet they faithfully donate towards Hope Channel’s mission to share Jesus with the world. I admire their commitment to mission and remind them that their sacrifice gives others the opportunity to learn about the gospel message.


I praise God for our viewers. Hope Channel exists for them! I encourage all our viewers to write or call us with their feedback. We love to hear from our them and I personally receive a blessing from each message.


I look forward to when we will all be in heaven and finally see and meet everyone who has been touched by the message of God’s love on Hope Channel.

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