Hope Channel Special Offering 2022

Offertory Devotional video for Sabbath, April 9, 2022

Putting God first can be difficult. What we can learn from this video that will help us put God first in our lives today? Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.


Sharing God’s good news. Every day, God uses the global evangelistic media ministry of Hope Channel to reach thousands of viewers with the message of hope and love that comes from Him! With 68+ Hope Channels around the world broadcasting in more than 80 languages, the mission of Jesus is being fulfilled by the power of the Holy Spirit—“The harvest truly is great!” (Luke 10:2).

Through turbulent and unprecedented world events, God used Hope Channel to share uplifting messages and opportunities for connection with viewers around the world. Hope at Home, a new Hope Channel program, has become the local online church service for thousands worldwide each weekend by providing inspiring messages, music, and wellness tips from professionals. You can tune in at HopeTV.org/AtHome.

The Bible study platform, Hope.Study, has grown to provide free and easy-to-use Bible study courses on topics such as igniting your prayer life, navigating stressful situations, and learning to understand the Bible better.

We are also seeing more and more inspiring testimonies of viewers whose lives have changed; you can watch these testimonies at HopeTV.org/Transformed. We encourage you to invite your family and friends to watch Hope Channel too!


APPEAL: Your support for Hope Channel provides much-needed resources for this global evangelistic media ministry. The General Conference regularly receives a portion of offerings from the divisions, and it redistributes the funds to mission projects and institutions. Hope Channel is included in that list. Additional offerings for Hope Channel may be given at any time in a marked envelope..

Ofrenda especial de Hope Channel 2022 - Español

Imagina compartir las buenas noticias del amor de Dios, llevando esperanza en más de 80 idiomas, a miles de personas de todo el mundo. Este es el trabajo de Hope Channel, el ministerio global de medios de comunicación de evangelismo de la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día.

Oferta Especial do Canal Hope 2022 - Português

Imagine compartilhar boas-novas do amor de Deus, levando esperança em mais de 80 idiomas, a milhares de pessoas ao redor do mundo! Esse é o trabalho do Hope Channel, um ministério global de mídia evangelística da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia.