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Celebration of Hope

God is using Hope Channel in amazing ways to reach people around the world. Join us as we share the latest updates about this life-changing ministry at weekend events around the country.


Author and speaker Cliff Goldstein melds basic truths, literature, and popular culture to answer some of life’s most abstract questions. A former atheist, he understands firsthand the struggle with faith.

Cross Connection

Cross Connection links Jesus Christ’s ancient sacrifice on the cross and our current need for forgiveness.


Disclosure: The Future Declassified is an hour-long, interactive television program focusing on Bible prophecy.

Go Healthy For Good!

Make positive changes in your health, and never look back!

Higher Ground

Like any journey, our Christian walk is easier when we are fit. Dr. Barry Black offers insight on how to make this journey – a journey to Higher Ground.

Hope at Home

A weekly worship experience from our home to yours. Includes singalong music, a children's feature, an interview segment with self-care tips for a healthier mind, body and spirit, and a story-based sermonette, all focusing on the hope that Christ brings for this life and the next. "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace..." (Romans 15:13).

Hope in Action

We are told in Galatians 6:2 to carry the burdens of others, and in doing so we fulfill the law of Christ. We are living in a world where more and more frequently the need arises to carry our fellow believers' burdens. Whether it is war, famine, or storm, we can assist those in need through prayer and support. Hope in Action addresses current crises, involving individuals that are intimately connected to the event. It is a call to take action by praying for and supporting those in need. Help Hope Media Group in Ukraine Please help our Hope Channel Ukraine staff and their families during this time of crisis. Your support can help provide urgent relief. Click here to get started. Help the Community Hope Channel has partnered with ADRA International to provide aid to the refugees at the Romanian-Ukrainian border. ADRA International is also providing help to the general Ukrainian population. Please pray for the refugees and for the continued relief being provided to those in need. To help bring aid to the general Ukrainian population, go to ADRA The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is the international humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church serving in 118 countries. Its work empowers communities and changes lives around the globe by providing sustainable community development and disaster relief. ADRA’s purpose is to serve humanity so all may live as God intended. For more information, visit Hope Channel Hope Channel International, Inc. is a Christian television network that offers programs on wholistic Christian living and focuses on faith, health, relationships, and community. Hope Channel began broadcasting in North America in 2003. Today, Hope Channel is a global network with 70 channels and growing, broadcasting in over 80 languages. “Sharing God’s good news for a better life today and for eternity!”

Hope Sabbath School

Hope Sabbath School is a weekly in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko

A daily devotional is waiting for you, right here on Hope Talks. Start your day with hope.


InVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, practical intelligence, simple application, and authentic conversation.

Let's Pray

Let’s Pray is a global community of prayer.

Love Me

Discover the different attributes of God's character of love, and how these attributes connect to doctrinal teachings, through song, scripture, and study.

Real Family Talk

Through engaging, informative, and spiritual discussions about issues facing todayʼs families, Real Family Talk seeks to strengthen families and inspire hope.

Reliving Mark

Reliving Mark is a documentary drama filmed in Israel that examines the portrait of Jesus in the earliest written account of His life.

Revival for Mission

Journey with us and meet fascinating people from around the world. Explore how God works through them and how He has a special plan for you!


"Revolutionary" is a 10-part series that seeks to explore Jesus in a different way through two unique perspectives. The first is set in Israel, following Oleg Kostyuk as he uncovers who Jesus really was by bringing his 1st century world to life. The second is set in New York, following Sergio Gonzalez as he explores how this 1st century man could still possibly be relevant to us in the 21st century. These two journeys intertwine to form one story – filled with ancient discoveries and modern connections – creating a new and dynamic picture of Jesus that speaks directly to us today.

Speak Up

Add your opinion to open, honest conversations about mental health and well-being.


Cold hard facts cannot answer life’s most important questions. Today a new generation has rediscovered the power of stories.

Stupid Money

Join John Mathews as he experiences the jobs real people do, asking them about the stupid things they’ve done with their money, and what they learned. Some are serious learning experiences and some are just funny. You will wonder, "What were they thinking?"

Table Talk

No script. No rules. This is Table Talk.

The Dig

The team discovers dinosaur fossils, scientific challenges, and issues of faith. The baton of leadership passes to the next generation.

The Verse

How can so many stories come from one Bible verse? The Verse was born from the belief that over time, shared stories build intimacy. With this in mind, The Verse is a short-form presentation series that documents perspectives of bible verses from emerging storytellers.


There is power in a story of a life changed by hope in Christ. Experience the testimonies of people around the world whose lives have been transformed through the ministry of Hope Channel.


Get Unhooked from addiction!

Wake up With Hope

Start your day in a better way. We want to share hope every morning.