The Power to Change Lives

Political campaigns promise it.

Advertisements for beauty products do too.

But in God’s hands, Hope Channel delivers it—every day, everywhere around the world.

What is it? Hope. And it can happen in your neighborhood.

There isn’t a day that goes by without viewers around the planet proclaiming their gratitude for your support of this global television network. Large numbers of people searching for God contact each of our dozens of media centers around the world to say how Hope Channel’s programs have affected their lives. By phone, e-mail, text message, tweet, Facebook, blog posts, and yes… sometimes even by fax (do you remember those?), Hope Channel receives stories we delight in passing along to you.

Over the years, Hope Channel has related hundreds of stories of people whose lives have been changed—strategically interrupted and improved by God—by something they saw on one of our programs. Whether it be a word of encouragement, a lesson on family relationships, a healthy new recipe, an interactive Bible study, a deep theological discussion, or a simple Bible truth explained in a new way on a children’s program, God uses Hope Channel to meet needs and change lives.

Hope Channel gets results. As a visitor to this website and as a Hope Channel supporter, you get the inside track on some amazing, heart touching stories of lives changed by your prayers and contributions.

In just the last few years we’ve shared the amazing stories of dozens who have met Jesus for the first time, renewed their relationship with Him, or come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of His word, all because there IS a Hope Channel in their home.

Do You Remember… ?

  • Gideon, a member of the United Nations’ most-wanted terrorists list, gave his life to Jesus as a result of God using a Hope Channel event to first reach his wife, then him. His baptism was carried on national TV, from prison, in Congo.
  • Marcos, a Grammy-nominated country music artist from Brazil, was regularly surrounded by 50,000 adoring fans. His guilt over leading them into depraved behavior left him empty and lonely…until his wife introduced him to Novo Tempo, the Brazilian Hope Channel that comes directly into their home. He’s been baptized and now shares his faith with thousands.
  • A group of South African pastors came to a new and deeper understanding of biblical teaching while watching Hope Channel International. They were baptized and are training to become pastors in Sabbath keeping churches.
  • Gloria, director of an outreach center for homeless people, was fed up with how other Christian channels were “selling the gospel.” Then she found Hope Channel on DIRECTV. She was baptized and now teaches Sabbath School in her new church, and she has Hope Channel on all day in the homeless shelter where dozens of others benefit.
  • The wife of a Zulu chief in South Africa was watching a series by Pastor Mark Finley live via satellite. She contacted us in a panic when she thought she’d missed a night of the series. She and her household were soon baptized.

Your partnership makes possible these remarkable stories. Yet we dare not overlook the millions of “regular folk” whose lives are changed every day in big and small ways.

For example, of the 110,000 people baptized as a result of Hope Channel’s “Gospel Flames” meetings in Uganda last fall. Most, if not all, were folks just like your neighbors and friends. They are the untold stories of lives changed for Jesus that happen every day, everywhere around the world—even in your community.

Even if their testimonies seem rather ordinary in comparison to those of pastors, rock stars, tribal chieftains, and terrorists, that’s the point. We praise God, and thank you too, that you make possible millions of untold stories every day…and that makes them anything but ordinary!

What Happens When People Watch

Every day, people of various Christian and non-Christian faiths come to new and deeper faith and knowledge of Jesus. Each is at a different point in their walk of life, and God uses Hope Channel to meet them at just the right moment.

In addition to all the stories of changed lives, we also get reports of viewers showing up at church on a Sabbath morning…sometimes ready to be baptized because of all they’ve learned on Hope Channel. It happens all over the world. It can happen where you live.

And you…yes YOU…make it possible. Your prayers are heard in Heaven. Your financial contributions are multiplied exponentially on earth. When you tell friends, neighbors, and family about Hope Channel, it is rewarded.

Coming Up Next…The Cable Connection!

There are 100 million homes with cable TV service in North America. That means roughly two out of three of your neighbors have access to other Christian TV networks, but not Hope Channel…yet.

When Hope Channel became available to DIRECTV’s 19 million subscribers, our call volume tripled! Every day, people contact us with stories of lives changed, and requests for Bible resources and local church addresses! Imagine the amount of ministry that we could do together when Hope Channel gets on cable! It will open the doors of possibility to the successes seen in other parts of the world.

With your participation, and God’s blessing, Hope Channel will place life-changing programs in every North American home. Getting Hope Channel on cable is now our highest priority for North America. This is a massive undertaking. It will take time and hard work, and God answering prayers, to get appointments with executives from the leading cable companies such as the one in your hometown.

Results like those you make possible around the world are not impossible to see here in North America. If you’d like to support Hope Channel’s effort to reach 100 million cable TV homes in North America, or advance this missionary outreach elsewhere in the world, please call 888-446-7388 or visit

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