Praise and Gratitude from Around the World

God gave you the gift to catch viewers’ attention and explain difficult things very simply. Even my 8-year-old son understands you. Some weeks ago I was a depressive and suicidal man, but Jesus showed me the truth. Through Hope Channel I find all the answers that I have been searching for.

—Mr. P., Austria

I am a registered nurse working in Saudi Arabia. It is kind of hard knowing that you are surrounded by non-Christians in this place, but I join Hope Sabbath School online every Friday evening. I thank the Lord for Hope Channel. It gives me strength and my faith becomes stronger.

—Lany, Philippines

I have watched Hope Channel Germany and completed a lot of your Bible studies! I was baptized on September 1, 2012, in the river Alz. I’m very happy and feel so safe here in my church. Without you that wouldn’t have happened.

—Mrs. S., Germany

Hope Channel has brought me closer to Jesus. I gladly look forward to your daily programs because they are very relevant to what is happening in the world today regarding health, family, and world events.

—Orvelle, Thailand

We discovered Novo Tempo (Hope Channel Brazil) at just the right time, when we were trying to overcome the death of our two children. It really is the hope channel. Sometimes people just won’t come and knock at our doors to talk about the love of God; but Novo Tempo is there, in the places where people cannot reach. It fills our emptiness and transforms our lives.

—Emerson, Brazil

The only reason I bought my TV was to watch Hope Channel. I like it so much. There is a lot that I learn from it. Pray for my family to gain interest in it.

—Motlalepula, Botswana

You got me glued to my seat for the first time in my life watching religious television on Hope Channel. Continue to be a source of hope.

—Mphatso, Malawi

I am moving across California and will have my satellite dish installed at the new location. Your ministry is such a blessing and I don’t want to be without it at my new location.

—Joan, California

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