Boston Marathon: Generosity Amidst Tragedy

Right now, every home, every person, across the U.S. probably feels the sombre cloud of retrospect that has us all wondering and grieving over the tragedy at the Boston Marathon yesterday.

The death of an innocent child, the maiming of runners, the displacement of people, the destruction of property--It has all been simply tragic.

Yet, in the midst of this horrific terror, has risen the compassion of humankind. Within minutes of the explosion, ordinary citizens stepped up to make a difference--There were volunteer blood donors; eateries offering free food and drink; a man walking down pouring out orate juice; a woman letting people use her bathroom; and others fearlessly running towards the explosion to save strangers.

"During this tragedy, we must focus on the spirit of community and generosity that has flooded Boston," encourages Brad Thorp, President of Hope Channel. "We are praying for the victims and their families and we praise God for the hundreds of people who are giving so selflessly to ease the pain and suffering experienced in Boston."

Hope Channel staff and volunteers are praying for the City of Boston and everyone who was there yesterday. We have volunteers available for anyone who would like someone to pray with or talk to.

To speak to a live person, call 877-7-LETS-PRAY between 8 a.m. and midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Ot place your prayer request online.

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