Walking The Streets

Bible stories, church, prayer, a strong Christian home—all of these were part of Anusha’s growing up. But somehow, as she entered adulthood, these stalwart values that anchored her slowly crumbled. Before long, Anusha was married and living a life that was very different from that of her childhood. She had little room for God in her thoughts and plans. All in all, life was good, and she felt no need for Christianity or a community of Christians. Her mother, on the other hand, had not given up praying for Anusha. One day, she even gave her a Bible, hoping that it would spark a need for the Holy Sprit again. But there was no change in Anusha. More time went by.And then, completely unexpected, Anusha began to have health problems which led to other difficulties in life. In her pain, she remembered the God of her childhood. And she remembered the Bible her mother had given her. Picking it up, she began reading it. She read it through her illness and problems. For two years, she read the Bible and soaked in the promises and bathed herself in God’s presence.

Slowly, she crawled out of her shell of indifference and began to yearn for the fellowship of other Christians. Not knowing which church she should pick, she began to look for Christian shows on the Internet. And that’s how she happened upon Hope Channel Russia. Pleased with the knowledge and peace she gained from the shows, she would lock herself up in a room for hours—It was just a laptop, Hope Channel Russia and Anusha. Today Anusha is an active advocate for God’s Word and Hope Channel Russia. She boldly travels the streets of Moscow, meeting strangers and making friends. To anyone who shows an interest, she shares her story and introduces them to a life in Jesus. Then she hands them a Bible or a book to help them in their own personal spiritual journey. Every week, she gives away about six Bibles. In these past two years of ministry, she has given away over 500 Bibles. Whether on the streets talking to strangers or in church with her husband and children, Anusha exudes the peace and contentment she now has in Jesus.

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