Hope Channel Europe Transitions to Hope Channel UK

Hope Channel is pleased to announce plans for an expanded IPTV, high definition service of Hope Channel in Europe and the development of Hope Channel UK.


The Hope Channel Europe Hot Bird 6 satellite contract ends December 31, 2013.* Considering current technology and opportunities, the decision has been made to enhance the Internet-based distribution and develop a new channel for the United Kingdom.


Brad Thorp, President of Hope Channel says, “With four channels currently broadcasting in the region, Europe is vitally important to Hope Channel. With our mission to reach the largest population possible, the advancement of IPTV will help us reach an even a greater audience.”


In partnership with the Seventh-day Adventist Church administration in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Hope Channel is now offering Roku IPTV service, and by July 2014 will start a new, high definition channel called Hope Channel UK. Victor Hulbert, Communication Director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK comments, “Viewers in Britain are already installing Roku and we have had positive responses. We believe that this will grow the audience for Hope Channel.”


IPTV is television delivered over the Internet instead of by satellite or cable. Anyone with a high speed Internet connection can receive IPTV. In the UK, the Roku box is available at retail stores such as Curry’s or PC World. To learn more about Roku, go here. Hope Channel can be found on Roku by going to the online Roku store, selecting “Religion and Spirituality” and then selecting Hope Channel.


Viewers in Britain with questions regarding Hope Channel on Roku can find their answers here.


Viewers can continue watching all their favorite programs on where programs can be streamed live or accessed through Hope Channel’s Video on Demand service. A third option is to watch Hope Channel through a Roku box which connects to your high-speed Internet service


* Since 2004, Hope Channel Europe has been contributing significantly to the growth of Hope Channel’s global network. Full-time Hope Channels in Romania, Germany, Middle East, and Ukraine/Russia have their beginnings with Hope Channel Europe. Currently about half the programs on Hope Channel Europe are in English and the other half in Russion. (Go here to learn how you can watch Russian and Ukrainian programming full-time.)


Concurrently, major developments are happening in the Middle East for Hope Channel. Viewers in the Middle East will soon receive some English programming on Hot Bird 8 and a new full-time satellite, Eutelsat 7A will deliver programming in Arabic to all of North Africa and the Middle East. Go here to learn more.


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