Couple Facing Death Comforted by Hope Channel

About a year ago, Todd and Marge's life took a tragic turn. Marge was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In their pain and fear, they turned for comfort to their family, church community, and to Hope Channel. Prayers and support poured into their fragiles lives and they took courage.


In a story like this woven with illness and faith, one expects to read a traditional happy ending where the cancer is gone through prayer and life is restored to normalcy. That’s not quite what happened to Todd and Marge. After several rounds of chemotherapy, the doctors stopped all treatment, saying they had done all they could. The family had no options left except to wait for death.


“Hope Channel is helping me through this difficult time,” writes Todd. “Your Bible study programs have brought me closer to Christ Jesus. I can now simply pray that my wife is not in pain.”


Except for when Todd attends church, he is by Marge’s side. Together they watch Hope Channel and study God’s Word, determined that their last days together are strengthened through prayer.


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