Now Broadcasting in Los Angeles

Hope Channel is now available via free-to-air television in the entire Los Angeles metro area, the second largest television market in North America.


Already on free-to-air television in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Tampa, and other cities, Hope Channel’s newest broadcast is available on KVMD, channel 31.6, and covers the geographical area between Yuma, Arizona and Santa Barbara, California with the potential of reaching more than 14.4 million viewers with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Hope Channel is excited about its presence in the Los Angeles metro area. This new broadcast will expand its reach in delivering Christian shows that promote a wholistic, healthy, balanced lifestyle. Examples of Hope Channel programs include Go Healthy for Good that offers tips and research on healthy living, Unhooked that addresses the needs of those who suffer with addictions and compulsive behaviors, Let’s Pray that provides a virtual prayer community, and Hope Sabbath School that introduces viewers to a study of the Bible and a relationship with God.


For more information about promoting Hope Channel specifically in the Los Angeles area or in any other area in North America, email [email protected] or call 888-446-7388.

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