A Viewer's Prayer

Thank you Father for the light You’ve shone through this television station. There needs to be more channels like Hope Channel to reach out to the world and touch the lives of millions, especially the lost souls who are desperately seeking liberation from the shackles of the devil. This world is in turmoil. The entertainment industry and media are promoting violence, drug use, sexual immorality, racism, misogyny, the destruction of the family, etc. I know this world, in its current state, is displeasing to Your character.


I myself have fallen victim to the demons of this world. I grew up in a Christian family but turned away from You and lived a worldly life. Afer living in the flesh for many years I realized that I was still empty in my soul. Lord, You’ve opened my eyes to the truth and one of the ways was through Hope Channel. Lord, forgive me for turning away from You and I ask You . . . no, I know that You’ve accepted me as your child. Even better, I’ve always been Your child; I was too blinded by the flesh to see that. Every time I cried out to You, in fact, You heard my cry. You listened to my heart and You’ve changed me, Lord.


I thank You infinitely. I owe You my life. This body will now be Your vessel to do Your will and touch others who are looking for You. I will be Your light to shine on others who are desperately seeking a way out, no matter what the situation. I will let them know that the God of loving kindness and mercy is waiting at their doorstep . . . just waiting for them to let Him in.


Lord, change this world. Flow through every one of the seven to eight billion hearts so we can live in unity, true peace, and love. Bring virtue in broken homes. Teach us the true meaning of peace . . . the peace that comes from love. I ask of You today to change our culture into a righteous one.


And lastly, bless my fellow brothers and sisters at Hope Channel to continue the good fight. You said from the beginning that this world is our dominion and we should not take it for granted. It is our responsibility as Your children to create a world of peace, love, and prosperity.


In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.



New York City


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