Change in Hope Channel Leadership

Dear Hope Channel Partners and Viewers,


I am writing to share news of a transition that is taking place at Hope Channel that I believe is God’s leading.


In 1993 I was invited to coordinate a large Bible lecture series for the Adventist Church. God richly blessed the event, and it eventually led to the launch of Hope Channel in 2003. Since then Hope Channel has grown to 43 channels broadcasting full-time in 41 languages around the world to millions of people. Six more channels are currently in development.


Vital to this expansion has been your prayers and contributions. The Adventist Church provides our basic operating budget, but it is your financial support that makes our programing and development possible.


My wife Kandus and I rejoice in what God has done with Hope Channel Network team members over the past 22 years and thank Him that we could share a little part in this wonderful work. God is so good! In looking toward the future of the Hope Channel Network we believe it is time for younger leadership to implement its far-reaching strategic plans and opportunities for development. We have a wonderful professional team here in Silver Spring, Maryland and similar teams around the world. For this reason, some weeks ago I proposed to the Adventist world church leadership that I be given a different assignment. Last week my proposal was accepted, and a process is in place to find a new president for Hope Channel in April.


The mission and goal of Hope Channel remains unchanged. Our development continues and will grow every day. We serve a gracious God who will soon send Jesus back to this earth to take us home. I believe His coming is very soon! Everyone everywhere must have the opportunity to receive the message of hope God has for them. And I am so grateful to have shared this mission with you and to have had your prayers and support for Hope Channel. Thank you!


Yours in the hope of Jesus’ soon return,

Brad Thorp

President, Hope Channel, Inc.


P.S. Click here to read the Adventist Review’s news story of my reassignment.

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