Inside Hope Channel: Luci Sloan

I’m a production assistant at Hope Channel. I love the variety that my job brings me every day. No two days are ever alike:


Outside of her commitment to Hope Channel, Luci is an elder in her church. There too she prays for opportunities to come her way: Noticing a group of adults lingering in the hallways instead of participating in one of the many Bible study groups, she began conversations with them to assess their needs and interests. She soon discovered that many wanted a nontraditional Bible study group where the focus is on books—something like a book club at church. So she began with a group of five. Together they read books that eventually led to personal spiritual needs which eventually led into Bible studies that complemented the books being read. Today there are about 30 people in Luci’s study group! Besides her responsibilities at Hope Channel and at her church, Luci enjoys mentoring young people and accompanying them on mission trips. She says she “has a burden for youth, especially in today’s crazy world.” Her most recent trips were to the Amazon and Zambia where she had the best photo op she’s ever had.


One day may find me hiring a crew and coordinating their travel plans while the next day has me shopping for makeup. I especially enjoy the hands-on involvement I have in productions when I run the teleprompter or decorate a set.


I am so blessed to be part of a ministry that helps people find a personal, intimate, one-on-one relationship with Jesus. There is no job satisfaction greater than what I feel when viewers tell us about the joy and peace they have through the Christian lifestyle they now practice because of what they’ve learned on Hope Channel.


Both in my professional and personal life I am a prayer warrior. I believe that when we pray without ceasing miraculous transformations happen in life. I also believe that from ceaseless praying comes great opportunities. I see this illustrated in the way new shows are produced at Hope Channel. Right from the idea of a show to the planning, to the production, and finally the broadcast, there is a lot of praying involved. Hope Channel is on my personal prayer list every day. What we broadcast is not just a series of shows that teach or entertain. They offer opportunities for viewers to make connections with other believers and with God. Hope Channel meets people where they are in life . . . and from there we grow together in Christ.


Every day we hear from viewers who have experienced a miraculous transformation in their lives—and I am grateful to have had a small, Spirit-led part to play in that miracle.

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