Hope Channel Deaf Added to Global Network

Hope Channel Deaf was added to Hope Channel’s global network this week as an Internet-based media ministry with four categories of programs—Nature Family, Bible, and Health.


Programs on Hope Channel Deaf are signed or captioned in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German. Larry Evans, Manager, Hope Channel Deaf, notes that this is “a historical mark in the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s ministry.” He says, “It is clearly the providence of God that has opened so many doors to reach out to this marginalized and unreached people group.”


The launch of this channel is a joint effort of the Deaf in Seventh-day Adventist communities around the world. Amanda Colgan serves as an adviser, providing oversight and technical support. Says Evans, “Amanda and other Deaf members will continue to serve as overseers of Hope Channel Deaf, making sure our content is specifically geared towards the interests and needs of the Deaf.”


With only two to four percent of the global deaf population identifying themselves as Christians, Channel Deaf is positioned to make a huge impact by sharing God’s good news. “We are excited about finding unique ways to share our programs with the Deaf,” says Derek Morris, President, Hope Channel, Inc. “We recognize the value of captioning to our viewers and are working towards captioning more and more of our global programming.”


Your prayers and continued support of this media ministry are needed as Hope Channel explores unique opportunities to share the love of Jesus.

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