Inside Hope Channel: Claude Guillaume

I serve as a studio assistant at Hope Channel. The best part of my job is the behind-the-scenes activities that allow me to interact with the rest of the crew. When a new show or episode needs to be filmed, I am involved in putting up the set, prepping and placing the cameras, and handling the lighting. Communication among the crew ensures that the filming process runs smoothly and efficiently, so I always try to keep the entire crew on the same page. My goal is to make the producer’s vision comes through on screen. This keeps the post-production time to only what is absolutely necessary, saving us all a lot of time and energy.


Interacting with the hosts and guests is also a lot of fun. I do what I can to alleviate the stress experienced by nervous guests. It’s important that the studio atmosphere is calm and inviting. This allows guests to comfortably share their experiences. In my job I meet people with amazing stories and expertise. I feel I learn new skills and gain more spiritual knowledge during and between each taping session.


Even though I do not have direct contact with viewers, I know that what I do makes a difference. Hosts of various shows often share with the crew messages they receive from viewers, and we are greatly blessed to hear these stories. I praise God that although what I do behind the scenes may never be seen by the viewers, I am part of a team that creates programs that encourage people to study the Word of God. What I do results in many entering into a relationship with Him. This excites me!


I love people. I love interacting with people and making them laugh. Most importantly, I love sharing Jesus with people because I know that He loves each person more than anyone can imagine. In my professional and personal life, I strive to represent Christ.


For someone who enjoys working behind the scenes, Claude is actually front and center in several ministry activities. His outgoing personality and compassion for others has him making time every week to walk the streets of the Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia to share his faith. He shares books, magazines, encouraging words, and a helping hand to anyone who needs it—be it pedestrians who seem discouraged, the elderly, or the homeless in need.


Claude’s passion for ministry has even taken him beyond the DC metro area. This past March Claude was able to return home to the Dominican Republic where both his wife and he preached a two-week series in Villa-Sonador and Bonao. In May Claude took time off from work to preach in Rwanda for two weeks. The Holy Spirit blessed both efforts and many people gave their hearts to Christ. Claude feels blessed to be used for God’s glory. He chooses to see every opportunity—behind-the-scenes or in the spotlight—as a chance to help people fall in love with Jesus.

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