New Programs Coming to Hope Channel

New programs coming to Hope Channel that you won't want to miss!


Table Talk

Premieres Friday, January 20th at 10pm EST

Sun, 3pm; Mon 9pm; Fri 10pm, Sat 3pm EST


Four friends revive an age-old tradition from the days of Martin Luther and the Reformation.


Regardless of the century and generation, humans are the same in many ways. We are stimulated by good food, conversations, and the company of others. And Martin Luther was no different.


Luther was known for his "table talks" that brought his colleagues and him together to discuss challenging questions. It was a comfortable place where they could be honest, find support, and be blessed.


Now four friends from Light Bearers Ministry revive Luther's table talk tradition on Hope Channel. And you're invited to listen in on these conversations. Jeffrey Rosario, James Rafferty, David Asscherick, and Ty Gibson will discuss a different topic every week.


Fountainview Academy Music Programs

Premieres Saturday, January 21st at 6:30am EST

Sat, 6:30am and 5pm, EST


The new year brings you new music programs from the students of Fountainview Academy. First will be the series, The Great Controversy, followed by Steps to Christ in Song and Help in Daily Living.


Inspired by the Reformation, The Great Controversy is a music and historical journey through Europe. It Is Written's John Bradshaw joins Fountainview Academy to host The Great Controversy, filmed in five different countries of Europe at historically meaningful sites. You'll not only enjoy music, but also personal testimonies and powerful reformation stories. (6 episodes)


Steps to Christ in Song is based on the life-changing masterpiece Steps to Christ, which has brought inspiration to millions of readers worldwide since its first edition in 1892. This music program emphasizes that developing a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing you can do in life. (13 episodes)    


Filmed in the natural beauty of Kauai, Hawaii, Help in Daily Living will lead you to a practical experience with Christ through music and personal testimonies. You'll travel from ocean beaches to lush, delicate gardens as you listen to students share personal accounts of how the gospel has been made real in their own lives. (13 episodes)

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