Inside Hope Channel: Chris LeBrun

Serving as Hope Channel’s director of fundraising is a unique fulfillment of years of preparation. Looking back, I am amazed at how God placed me exactly where I had to be to gather skills needed for where I am now.


I studied broadcasting in college, but sadly never had an opportunity to use those skills and knowledge. Fundraising is a field I fell into—and not one I chose. In hindsight, that was God’s plan! It began with a paid internship offer (Can a young man fresh out of college say no to anything with a paycheck?). The internship awoke in me an unexpected interest in philanthropy which led to 17 years of working with various nonprofit organizations. Today, I can’t see myself in any other career. I’m humbled that God, in His infinite wisdom, has used Hope Channel to reconnect me with my love for broadcasting and a college degree I never got to use.


Chris, a Boston native, is active in his local church. He is part of the praise team and also serves as director of the Pathfinder Club (similar to the Scouts of America) which gives him the opportunity to not just mentor youth but to also have a good reason be outdoors.
Every chance he has—be it with the Pathfinders, with his family, or by himself—Chris can be found doing something outdoors: rock climbing, backpacking, camping, you name it! Recently, Chris and his oldest son, who just turned 13, spent several days on the Allagash River in Maine. Their 70-mile kayak trip took them from the heart of Maine to almost the Canadian border. It was a special time that both will cherish forever. Chris plans to do the trip again when his younger son turns 13.[/caption]


I love the interpersonal aspect of fundraising! I take donor relations very seriously—I make sure there is open communication with donors, and I look for ways to help connect their passion for media ministry with the goals of Hope Channel. Understanding each donor’s motives and dreams is very important to me, and I work hard to support them in their decision to make a difference. Fundraising is more about accomplishing goals and providing opportunities to give back than it is about simply asking for money. And I love giving the donors with whom I work a sense of purpose.


Hope Channel is uniquely placed to reach people around the world where many traditional ministries are often ineffective. The work that I do in the Silver Spring, Maryland office has impact across the globe—such as working with a donor to fund a new Hope Channel studio in Southeast Asia.


When I hear a story of how a viewer’s life was changed by watching Hope Channel, I am blessed because I see that as a result of the faithfulness of our donors. I am glad to be a part of a team that works together to change the lives of many with the love of Jesus.

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