Project Hope reaches ten-year mark

In 2007 Hope Channel launched Project Hope, a creative new production model. This project grew out of a need for local, contextualized programs in Hope Channel’s growing global network. Based on a simple plan and the resources of volunteers, the model has been a success and a blessing to this media ministry.


Here’s how it works: When a new Hope Channel affiliate is to be established, production experts from around the network volunteer their time to travel to the new affiliate and train the local team in all production aspects. During this training period, everyone—experts and novices, international team members and local ones—create an inventory of programs to jump start the new affiliate's broadcast. The amazing team spirit and shared passion at these Project Hope events often result in hundreds of new programs in less than a month. At the end of a Project Hope, the new channel has a bank of programs featuring sermons, health, music, and topics of local interest.


The first Project Hope was in Lusaka, Zambia and the most recent one was in Japan this year. Some of the other areas where Project Hope has served as a catalyst for new channel development are the Philippines, Fiji, Australia, Bulgaria, Middle East, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Jamaica.


There have been many challenges with Project Hope— bringing equipment into the country, dealing with unreliable power supply, keeping to a tight production schedule, navigating sensitive cultural dynamics, etc.— but God has always seen us through.

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