Connecting on Social Media

Hope Channel Japan tries innovative methods to reach young adults

Only about 1% of Japan’s population claim to be Christian. Decade after decade, missionaries of many Christian denominations have ministered to this very secular country with little results. Similarly, the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Hope Channel have been brainstorming and praying for ways to better meet the needs of the people of Japan.


In their study of the needs, interests, and life habits of this fast-paced culture, Hope Channel Japan realized that the majority of people in Japan are too busy to stop for a sermon, listen to a seminar, or even watch television. With life so demanding and most attention spans so short, they realized that their contemporary viewers appreciate video productions that are relevant and concise.


So Hope Channel Japan’s ministry method and programming is somewhat different from their sister affiliates in Hope Channel’s global network. They produce short, edgy videos that are broadcast on YouTube and shared on social media.


To jump-start this initiative, Project Hope Japan was organized to produce 130 short films. Armed with this inventory, a team of two employees and several volunteers are connecting one-on-one with young adults across Japan.


Hope Channel Japan keeps track of trends and conversations happening among young adults on social media. Then they respond by sharing videos that address issues being discussed. Topics they deal with every day include marriage, parenting, evolution, lifework balance, morality, health, and lifestyle issues.


Please pray for this bold initiative. May all those in Japan searching for meaning and purpose in life find answers through Hope Channel Japan.

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