Beth's Journey

Dear Hope Channel,


Although I have always believed in God and His son, Jesus, and had asked Jesus into my heart as a child, I had never experienced a close walk with my Savior. Sadly, I was more influenced by the world than the Bible.


My life changed drastically when I assumed responsibility of my elderly parents. I found myself a full-time caregiver and homebound. My mother passed away a few months later, and I became increasingly dedicated to my father’s growing care needs. My responsibility was heavy and I began to lean and depend on my Savior more and more. The demands on my life required mental and physical strength that I did not possess on my own! I learned to trust, and love, and depend on God. Because of my caregiving responsibilities it was very difficult to attend church. I went when I could, but I had a real desire to learn all I could about Jesus and the Bible. The world was losing its grip on me as I continued to lose more and more of my previous life.


We finally got cable TV (Time Warner, which does not broadcast Hope Channel in my area). My father enjoyed watching TV, but I hoped to find quality shows. We began to watch TBN. I enjoyed some of the movies they showed, but did not feel the station reflected true biblical teaching. Then I discovered DayStar and although it was an improvement, I was still very disappointed and unsatisfied. Then we switched to Direct TV and I soon found my Hope Channel. What a blessing it has been in my life! The more I watched it the more impressed I became. You have such a vast variety of shows which cover all aspects of living a healthy Christian life. My goal is to give up cable altogether and buy a computer so I can watch Hope Channel on my smart TV. With the money saved on a cable bill I can donate regularly to Hope Channel.


In these past 14 months with Hope Channel I have learned so much, grown deep in my faith and I now have a very close relationship with my Savior Jesus.


Now, the best part of what Hope Channel has done in my life. For several years I had been praying that God would lead me to the church family where He wanted me. After my father passed away, I began attending local churches. In five years I had tried four churches, but none had felt like I was home. Then I noticed Hope Channel inviting viewers to find a local Seventh-day Adventist church in their area. So the following Sabbath I was so excited to attend a Seventh-day Adventist

church for the first time!


I love my new church family, and I love worshiping on the Sabbath. I feel God has answered my prayers by leading me to this church. I was baptized on my seventh Sabbath. I now feel closer to God than ever before!


I have such a grateful heart to the Holy Spirit leading me and to Hope Channel for its very important role in the journey of my salvation. May our Lord continue to bless Hope Channel, its staff, and all its viewers the world over.


Thank you for doing the Lord’s work to all involved!


In His Love,


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