Inside Hope Channel: Elroy Byam

Working at Hope Channel is very fulfilling because it allows me to do what I love: work with people. Interacting, planning, and creating with others invigorates me as a person and as an associate producer at Hope Channel. The team I am a part of brings to life shows like Cross Connection, Hope Sabbath School, and Let’s Pray. I am honored to work with talented, spiritually minded people.

As an associate producer, I have many responsibilities that often make me feel I am wearing multiple hats. Sometimes I switch them several times a day, but that means no two days are alike. I enjoy the excitement of it all and the fact that it keeps me on my toes.

In everything I do, I seek the positive. While in college I came to recognize that I am responsible for my own reactions. By choosing to react positively in all situations, even tough and stressful ones, solutions can be found that maintain relationships and glorify God.

Sometimes production can be stressful, but when I remember that everything we do in our studio is to bless our viewers and glorify God, I choose to keep a positive outlook and God always comes through.

Proverbs 16:9 says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” I know this is true. My coming to Hope Channel is a fulfillment of this verse and a testament to God’s plan in my life.

When I graduated from college, I had many plans for my future. While I was looking another way, God moved things in my life, interrupting my wishes, desires, and will. He had given me the skills and talents of a producer and was asking me to give back to Him.

I came to Hope Channel as an intern. With several years as an employee now under my belt, I can honestly say that God took me from where I wanted to go and put me exactly where I needed to be.

Truly, God is the ultimate producer of our lives!

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