2017 Network Leadership Conference Report

Members of the global Hope Channel team came together from August 14-17, 2017 at Novo Tempo in Jacareí, Brazil for the organization’s annual Network Leadership Conference. The team of Novo Tempo, by far the largest of the global international network, warmly welcomed the international leaders

of Hope Channel.


The theme of this year’s conference was “From Broadcast to Baptism.” Pastor Derek Morris, the President of Hope Channel, Inc. presented the keynote address.


Over seventy leaders, representing several countries within twelve divisions, were present, making for a record-breaking attendance. These four days together were packed with both work and blessings.


Despite the busy schedule, time was made for a tour of Novo Tempo’s studio and production space. The facility, a powerhouse of media ministry in Brazil, was a perfect location for the world leaders of Hope Channel to catch the vision of what can be accomplished within their own structures.


Affiliates shared reports of Hope Channel successes and made requests for assistance to do further outreach in their regions. Presentations were shared on how to improve productivity, impact, and cohesiveness. However, the most fruitful moments were the discussions on how to strengthen the network and the

ability to collaborate between affiliates in the special ministry each team has been called to.


A Strategic Collaboration Committee was formed, comprised of members of Hope Channel affiliates from each continent as well as representation from Hope Channel, Inc. in Silver Spring, and its board. This committee will meet two-to-four times a year to discuss methods in which the global network of affiliates

can: a) collaborate with one another more closely; b) determine how to optimize resources on an international level; and c) plan ways to optimize synergy across the network.


All attendees departed from the conference feeling that great progress had been initiated through the meetings and believing that Hope Channel will greatly improve worldwide as a result. Please keep all Hope Channel affiliates and their leaders in prayer as they continue as harvest workers to share the Good News to all the world for a better life today and for eternity.


The 2018 Network Leadership Conference will take place Seoul, South Korea from August 13-16.

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