From Broadcast to Baptism and Beyond

Exciting reports are streaming in from around the world! Hope Channel viewers are making the life-changing journey from broadcast to baptism and beyond. Do you remember when we prayed for the time when 3,000 would be baptized in one day, just like that remarkable baptism on the Day of Pentecost? Well, it’s happening!

Here are two examples, from Tanzania and Malawi. As a result of evangelistic meetings broadcast nationwide in February and June by Hope Channel Tanzania, more than 43,000 precious souls have been baptized! In September, an evangelistic meeting in Lilongwe, Malawi, broadcast nationwide by Hope Channel Malawi, resulted in more than 10,000 baptisms.

Every day lives are being transformed as a result of the Christ-centered, Bible-based programming on our Hope Channel networks. We are always blessed to hear the details.

Here is one viewer’s story. Diane TeHana’s family stopped attending their Sunday-keeping church when someone criticized her husband for the way he dressed. That was the last day her family went to church. Fourteen years later, she received a shocking phone call that turned Diane’s world upside-down. Her mother said, “Dad’s gone.” Diane’s heart was broken. She dropped to her knees and cried out in prayer, “Lord, I need you!” She asked the Lord to help her and He came right away, just as He promised through the Psalmist David: “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me” (Psalm 50:15, NKJV).

On her way to her father’s funeral, Diane stopped to visit a friend who had recently started watching Hope Channel and had found a wonderful book about the life of Jesus, The Desire of Ages. She was encouraged to start watching Hope Channel and was surprised and blessed by the programs.

After watching Hope Channel for some time, Diane decided to attend the Seventh-day Adventist Church in her town. Would she be welcomed or judged based on her appearance? When she was greeted with a smile and a warm handshake, Diane knew she had found a home. Her first church visit encouraged her so much that she kept attending each week and began Bible studies. The truths she was hearing at church were reinforced by the programs she was watching on Hope Channel.

After completing Bible studies, Diane decided to be baptized on April 8, 2017. “That day I gave my life to the Lord Jesus,” she testified with joy in her heart! “The
remaining days I walk this earth belong to the Lord!”

Diane’s story is repeated over and over again around the world. Precious seeds of truth are sown in many hearts through Hope Channel broadcasts. Relationships are developed and viewers are helped to make a connection with a local church fellowship. But the journey doesn’t stop there. New church members, like Diane, are sharing their love for Jesus and encouraging others to prepare for His glorious return.

So how can you help viewers like Diane take that life-changing journey from broadcast to baptism and beyond? First, you can pray. Jesus said, “The harvest
truly is great.” We need to continue earnestly in prayer for each viewer who watches Hope Channel programs. Secondly, you can partner with Hope Channel to produce Christ-centered, Bible-based programming. Some of you may feel the call of God to produce programs for Hope Channel. If so, we would like to connect with you. That’s how my partnership with Hope Channel began ten years ago, while I was serving as lead pastor for the Forest Lake Church in Apopka, Florida. You can also support our global evangelistic ministry with your financial gifts.

As you consider your charitable giving, please include the global evangelistic ministry of Hope Channel, helping thousands around the world on their life-changing journey from broadcast to baptism and beyond.

With thanks and prayers,


Derek Morris
President, Hope Channel, Inc.


This article has been edited from its original version which appeared in the Quarter 4 2017 HopeLink Magazine.

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