Inside Hope Channel

The television industry is just about the only industry I know. I attended Texas A&M University and graduated from their school of journalism, taking a job right out of school as a News Photographer for CNN.

I have worked for major television networks, such as CNN and NBC and have won numerous awards as an individual and for being part of hard-working news casting teams. I’ve been producing television since I was 19 years old, and have directed over 7,000 news casts.

It was a life I could have only dreamed of living, and took every opportunity to impress those around me to further my career and work.

Over the years, however, I came to realize that my skill and experience in television was a gift from God. He had blessed me in this industry so I could be of service to Him. By the time I came to work with Hope Channel, I had fully decided that I was more interested in serving God than any television profession.

Having worked at Hope Channel since its inception, I have personally seen how God blesses those who seek to work for Him. I have served Hope Channel in many roles during my time here. I’ve been a Senior Producer, the Director of Distribution, and the Director of Production.

In my new role as International Development Director, I have the opportunity to work closely with our international affiliates. I’ve traveled around the world to help establish new channels so that they can become more effective in their local regions.

Working with these God-loving entities around the world to share the good news of Christ to the unreached has been, and continues to be, an incredible blessing.

I am grateful for how God has LED me, and I know there is much more that He has in store.

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