Hope Channel Presents: Second Season of Hope at Home

Hope at Home season two is premiering on Hope Channel September 27, 2020 at 9AM EST. This series will broadcast weekly on DirecTV 368 and the Hope Channel website, Sundays at 9AM EST. It will also be live-streamed on the Hope Channel Facebook Page. All episodes will also be available to watch on-demand at

Hope at Home is a home worship experience that incorporates live music, health, family, and prayer segments. Additionally, every week a different doctor or medical specialist will join us to help bring awareness and deeper understanding to physical and mental health. The goal of this series is to invite people to join us from their homes and let hope in. With each episode, Hope Channel aims to give you a worship experience that points to God as the ultimate source of relevant and lasting hope.

"For our viewers searching for hope, and who are looking to connect with God and recharge spiritually, my goal is that they will be able to participate in a worship experience that connects them to God as the ultimate source of relevant and lasting hope,” says Hannah Luttrell, producer of Hope at Home season two.

Derek Morris, president of Hope Channel International, Inc., says, “God has blessed Hope at Home to bring messages of help and hope during these challenging times. With many churches closed and large gatherings forbidden, Hope at Home has been a lifeline to countless thousands around the world. I believe season two of Hope at Home will continue to be a source of blessing as we prepare for the glorious return of Jesus.”

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