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Galileo's Legacy

Author and speaker Cliff Goldstein melds basic truths, literature, and popular culture to answer some of life’s most abstract questions. A former atheist, he understands firsthand the struggle with faith.

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The Verse

As Yourself

Everyone has different ways of navigating relationships. Watch three storytellers share what it means to love God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.

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Bible HelpDesk

Episode for November 27, 2019

Why are miracles today smaller than in Bible times? Is consuming alcohol ok? When does God recognize two people as married? Are Bible promises intended for us?

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Experiencing the Bible

Watching the Bible come to life is a transforming experience for Hope Channel viewers as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus on the Hope Channel study tour to the Holy Lands.

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Table Talk

Why Is There So Much Killing in the Old Test.? P.2

Part two of this topic continues to search for answers to the question, “Why is there so much killing in the Bible?” Jeffrey Rosario, David...


Hope Sabbath School

Worshipping The Lord

Hope Sabbath School is a weekly in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.

Real Family Talk

How I Lost The Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy lifestyle.

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Revival for Mission

Family Network

World champion Kenyan runners train in groups and operate like a family. They stress family loyalty and giving back to the community as core values. Abel Kirai is a two-time world marathon champion who took home a silver medal for Kenya at the London Olympics in 2012. He gives God the credit for his win is grateful to his mother, who took him to church on Sabbaths.

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