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Adam & Eve: Courage Vs Fear

Having the courage to make the right choices in our everyday lives--what does it take?

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Episode 5: Jesus The Prophet

In Israel, Oleg highlights a prophet who called on his world to change. In NY, Sergio uncovers fascinating connections between this prophet's message and our world today.

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Bible HelpDesk

Episode for October 14, 2020

How do I know I'm saved? Does God hear my prayers? Does the Bible say no one is good? Do I need to believe I will be healed before I can be? Should I avoid church if I made a mistake?

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I Am Not Alone

God has many ways to show you His transforming mercy, including the community of fellow believers who are willing to pray with you.

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Table Talk


We all have wounds and scars caused by the world around us, the people in it and our own choices and sins. Watch now and follow a biblical...

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Hope Sabbath School

Lesson 4: The Eyes of the Lord: The Biblical World

Hope Sabbath School is a weekly in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.

Three Cosmic Messages Earth's Final Conflict

4. Jesus and the Judgement: Why the Judgement is Good

For many, the thought of the final judgment, where all must stand before a holy God, causes fear and trepidation. But this message by Mark Finley assures every believer that the God of Revelation stands with us and for us in the judgment.

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Real Family Talk

Living with an Autoimmune Disease

Pr. Charles and Maureen Tapp will shared their story of how they overcome living with an autoimmune disease.

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Revival for Mission

Magnificent Creation

On this episode of Revival for Mission, Dr. Tim Standish, a research scientist from the Geoscience Research Institute explores reasons for believing in a magnificent creation and Creator.

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Five Good Reasons

Five Good Reasons to Doubt Darwin

What about Evolution? The complexity of life demands a satisfying answer. Watch now and weigh the evidence for yourself.

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