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David: The Importance of Worship

Everyone worships something or someone... so what difference does it make to focus our worship on our Creator God?

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Episode 6: Jesus The Good Shepherd

In Jesus’ world, the term shepherd meant leader. Oleg examines Jesus’ radical claim of being The Good Shepherd while Sergio explores a world in desperate need of more good shepherds.

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Bible HelpDesk

Episode for October 21, 2020

Love one another--what did Jesus mean? Should I stay in an abusive relationship to show God's love? Explain Psalm 83. Does the Bible forbid women to speak in church? Overcoming addiction.

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Everything Is Possible If It's God's Will

In those moments of deep spiritual need and loneliness the transforming love of Christ is there to connect you with the Author of Love.

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Table Talk

There Is None Righteous

We have to be accurately diagnosed in order to know the right remedy. Click play and join the unscripted conversations of Jeffrey Rosario, David...

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Hope Sabbath School

Lesson 5: Jesus As The Master Teacher

Hope Sabbath School is a weekly in-depth interactive study of the Word of God.

Three Cosmic Messages Earth's Final Conflict

5. God's Prophetic Timetable

In the Bible, there are many prophecies based on time. During this fifth installment, Pastor Finley explains how to interpret these prophecies using the Bible alone, which explains itself. He demonstrates how the Bible does this in the meticulous manner, showing God’s Prophetic Timeline and how relevant it is to us today.

Real Family Talk


How parents can help children prevent or stop bullying.

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Revival for Mission

Experiencing God's Makeover

Cami Oetman seemed to have it all as a successful model, photographer and entrepreneur. Yet, something was missing that only God could fill. Learn how God transformed this beautiful young woman into a powerful witness for Him.

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Five Good Reasons

Five Good Reasons Not to Be Afraid of Death

For all of humanity's existence, death has been the one inescapable equalizer. But what if you didn't have to be afraid of it?

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