Bible HelpDesk / August 10, 2022

Is God's love unconditional if we have to accept him to be saved? Why don't prayers always work? Are only Israelites saved? Will Jesus leave people in heaven when he returns to earth?

Bible HelpDesk / August 03, 2022

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Bible HelpDesk / July 27, 2022

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Bible HelpDesk / June 22, 2022

I can't hear God! Secret to avoiding death? Quenching, grieving, blaspheming the Holy Spirit. What happens to Christians in heaven when the heavens pass away with great heat? Keeping Sabbath.

Bible HelpDesk / June 15, 2022

Afraid of 2nd coming? Marriage separation biblically supported? Ok to anoint with oil? Explain how the Word was God and also with God, but God is one. What law was nailed to the cross?