Bible HelpDesk / September 21, 2022

Plan of salvation? Why did Jesus say "don't tell anyone I am the Christ", none are good? Why does 1 Cor refer to the 12 after Judas had died? Hypocritical of Paul to ask Timothy to be circumcised?

Bible HelpDesk / September 14, 2022

Going to Abraham's bosom when we die? Will God hear a Jew or Christian's prayer? Joseph's coat: colorful or long-sleeved? In Job, how did God meet Satan? Required to pray with raised hands?

Bible HelpDesk / September 07, 2022

Does God still do miracles and how can I get one? Does God push His will on us? Did John the Baptist eat locusts? Was Jesus in Genesis? Why didn't Peter forgive Ananias and Sapphira?

Bible HelpDesk / September 01, 2022

Are unhealthy habits violating Thou Shalt Not Kill? Will Jesus return after temple is rebuilt? Yeast in Leviticus-what's the big deal? Does Titus say all elders must be male?

Bible HelpDesk / August 24, 2022

Spiritual but not religious? 10 commandments: Can you be saved after you've broken them, difference with Old Covenant? Who killed first sacrifice? How did pagan worship start?

Bible HelpDesk / August 21, 2022

Does God give us freedom of choice, free will? Which came first, selfishness or pride? Why do Daniel's friends go by Babylonian names? Please clarify meaning of Genesis 3:16.

Bible HelpDesk / August 10, 2022

Is God's love unconditional if we have to accept him to be saved? Why don't prayers always work? Are only Israelites saved? Will Jesus leave people in heaven when he returns to earth?

Bible HelpDesk / August 03, 2022

How to be a man of God. Do people die because God "needs" them? Did Adam/Eve understand death before the fall? Serving in a racially tense church. Does John 3:13 deny Elijah is in heaven?

Bible HelpDesk / July 27, 2022

Have I fallen away from God? Do Christians still suffer? Why does Sabbath begin and end at sundown? Is going to church on Sunday wrong?