Money, Money, Money

Money. We all need it to get by. For many of us, it's the driving force behind most of our life decisions. Without it we cannot pay our bills, keep a roof over our heads, or provide for ourselves or our families. Yet the want of it can be divisive as well; causing couples to divorce, nations to go to war, and economies to crumble.


In the United States, all of our money has "In God We Trust" written on it. Our money mentions God, so what does God have to say about our money?


Tonight on Cross Connection we will take a hard look at what Jesus had to say about Money and Stress in Matthew 6:19 - 34. Read through it and share your comments/questions with us! Do you find any of it challenging? What does it mean to "serve" money? Can one be rich and be a true Christian? As always, you can share your comments with us on Facebook, Twitter (@CrossConnect_TV), or in the comments below. Get Connected tonight at 9 pm ET on Hope Channel or right here on the website!

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