The One Name That's Bigger Than The Company

The world is filled with ambitious people.


They dream about their goals and how they can add value to everyone with a new product or service. Some of these people execute their ideas and become founders and CEOs of startups. As the companies scale, so does the founder's name recognition.


This is where the company can start to blister. If the founder becomes bigger than the company (i.e. Steve Jobs for Apple in the early 80s), then it can lead to dissenting views and sometimes removal of the founder from the company (Jobs again in ’85).


There is only one company where the founder is (and always should be) bigger than the company.


And that name is JESUS.


When churches promote their programs, materials, and religious affiliation before they promote Jesus, they are doing the gospel a disservice. Name one interaction in the Bible where Jesus pushed a synagogue program before meeting an immediate need.


I’ll wait...


As Christians, our actions should reflect God’s demeanor before they reflect our denomination. Because people want their needs met before anything else.


Would you like the body of Christ to scale? Then make sure Christ is at the core of how you share the gospel, not your church name or affiliation.


Just Christ. And his method alone.

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