"Alms, Fasting, & Prayer" - Episode 7

We see them on the street corner and look away as we drive past. We question their motives begging for money. Yet in Jesus' day it was different. People would give to the poor and to the church with fanfare and celebration. As Christians, Jesus explained that we should give alms, fast, and pray. The Jewish tradition of the New Testament was no stranger to these practices. In fact, in Christ's day, people gave so much of their income that laws existed to limit the amount of money given. So why would Christ put such an emphasis on practices that were already in place? Host Oleg Kostyuk shares in this episode of Cross Connection, that Christ wanted to point out not only that these should be done, but the manner in which they should be done. Joined by in-studio guests, Sergio, La'Joya, and Jennifer, as well as remote guest Dr. Lael Caesar, Oleg offers us an in-depth look not only into these practices, but the examples that Jesus gave us as to how we should impart these practices into our devotional lives.

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