11 Unity in Worship

InVerse / December 10, 2018

Lesson 11-Unity In Worship

Hope Sabbath School / December 09, 2018

Sunday December 9 - Sabbath December 15

Asheville 2018: Sunday Morning Devotional

Celebration of Hope / December 09, 2018

Derek Morris shares how an often-overlooked little prayer from the Old Testament can radically transform your life.

Asheville 2018: Sabbath Evening

Celebration of Hope / December 08, 2018

Be inspired by messages that are touching hearts and changing lives!

Asheville 2018: Lifestyle Seminar

Celebration of Hope / December 08, 2018

Gain tips of living a healthier and happier life!

Asheville 2018: Mission in Action

Celebration of Hope / December 08, 2018

God wants to use you to change the world!

Asheville 2018: Sabbath Worship

Celebration of Hope / December 08, 2018

Learn how Hope Channel's donors are growing and transforming lives around the world!

Elder Bill Knott - "God's New Name for You"

Celebration of Hope / December 08, 2018

Elder Bill Knott opens the Word with us, exploring the prophetic church of Philadelphia from Revelation Chapter 3, and how God has written a new name upon your life. He is calling you to great things, will you answer?

Asheville 2018: Opening Program

Celebration of Hope / December 07, 2018

Welcome to Celebration of Hope in Asheville, North Carolina! Discover how your support of Hope Channel is changing lives every day!