03 The Hand of God

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How does God move in your life?

03 Two Eras – One Message

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The Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God.

03 — Sabbath: A Day of Freedom

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What does the Sabbath teach us about how to relate with each other?

04 "Justification by Faith Alone"

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At the center of Paul's message is the fact that we are simply cleansed from sin through the belief in the goodness and power of God. This fact equalizes all cultures, Jew or Gentile, at the Cross.

04 "Justification By Faith"

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Romans 3: How does God save us?

04 - Up in Smoke

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Vicki shares how millions of people have quit nicotine in all its forms – for good! She also offers encouragement that many former smokers who started smoking in their childhood and youth have quit the habit. And you can too

04 Escape From The World's Ways

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What is a steward and what are we stewards over? What secrets does the concept of stewardship hold?