Fast Food Genocide

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Processed food is killing us in droves. It launches itself into our bloodstream at a rate that overwhelms our metabolism. Fight the epidemic. Watch now, and discover foods that reverse disease.

Lesson 12- Confinement In Caesarea

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Lesson 2- Causes Of Disunity

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Sunday October 7-Sabbath October 13

Lesson 1-The Uniqueness of the Bible

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Sunday March 29 - Sabbath April 4

God and Healing

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God wants His people to experience health and healing.


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Are silver-mercury dental amalgams safe? Evidence seems to show that these amalgams release small amounts of mercury vapor constantly - more in response to hot food or drink, chewing and brushing...hear the opinions of our experts. Watch.


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Find out the health benefits of Raspberries!

Lesson 2 - The Choices We Make

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Sunday April 7 - Sabbath April 13


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It is very important to know the basic principles behind the proper Ergonomics for each and every worker. Implementing a good ergonomic program in offices and workplace decreases injuries, illness and it increases the efficiency at work. Watch.