Managing a Hair Shop and Motorcycles

Stupid Money / 13533 VIEWS

Richard and Laurelee love motorcycles -- and sharing their love for Jesus with whomever will listen. “We just let them ask questions”. This episode is an inspiring journey of two people that love Jesus.

New Beginning

Transformed / 13434 VIEWS

With Jesus, you have the sure hope of a new beginning. You can be transformed!

Putting Away The Baby Bottle

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 13426 VIEWS

Is That Your Final Answer?

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 13358 VIEWS

Lesson 1 - Disciples & Scripture (1st Qtr 2014)

Hope Sabbath School / 13265 VIEWS

Lesson 3 - Discipleship & Prayer (1st Qtr 2014)

Hope Sabbath School / 13237 VIEWS

Building a Better Brain

Go Healthy For Good! / 13112 VIEWS

The NIH defines addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that changes the brain’s structure and how it works. They say these brain changes can be long-lasting and lead to harmful behaviors. Discover if you have an addiction!


Go Healthy For Good! / 12986 VIEWS

In many countries around the world, one in three children are either overweight or obese. Overweight teens are becoming less inclined make any effort to lose weight, and parents less likely to address the problem. Learn how one passionate physician is improving the health of her community.

Lesson 5 - Violating the Spirit of the Law

Hope Sabbath School / 12972 VIEWS

Sunday October 27 - Sabbath November 2