The Helmet of Salvation

Let's Pray / 51 VIEWS

Have you been feeling the need to have your mind protected? That’s our topic today as we continue with the theme, The Armor of God.

Episode for February 10, 2021

Bible HelpDesk / 51 VIEWS

Sex outside marriage-can God forgive? Unborn children in heaven? Were Adam & Eve already in God’s kingdom? Did God make men taller/stronger to dominate women? Salvation-obedience needed or Jesus sufficient?

Your Questions Answered- Premarital and Dating

Real Family Talk / 51 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions from viewers who are planning to get married.

My Child is the Bully

Real Family Talk / 50 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver help parents explore ways on how to curb bullying behavior in their children.

Servant Leadership: When Jesus Washes Our Feet

Hope at Home / 50 VIEWS

What does it mean to be a true leader?

Domestic Violence and the Family

Real Family Talk / 49 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Katia Reinert talk about the rise in domestic violence during 2020 is staggering. There is no excuse for abuse in the family.

Finding Hope: Jesus' Promised Return

Hope at Home / 49 VIEWS

Will this world come to an end?

Wake Up with Hope November 26, 2021

Wake up With Hope / 49 VIEWS

Start your day positively! Wake up With Hope prepared a unique program that you won’t want to miss. In this episode, you will have Dr. Carlton Byrd sharing a positive message, health tips with Dr. Nerida McKibben, and more.

Episode for October 13, 2021

Bible HelpDesk / 49 VIEWS

I don't know how to love. How can I allow God to use me? Love and respect. What if my spouse loves another? Does God approve of my marriage if my spouse had a child before?