Thyroid Disease

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How can you tell if you have an under-active thyroid? Or what if it is over-active? How will you feel? and what can you do about it? These questions and more, coming up. Watch!

Timothy and Prophecy - Episode 18

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A news story from Asia is a great example of the exact trajectory of the human race. Today, we discuss what the Bible says about the issue.

Tips for Family in Quarantine - Willie and Elaine Oliver

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Maintain peace and togetherness while stuck at home. Drs. Willie and Elaine Oliver share great tips on how to have great relationships, even in quarantine. Watch now!

To All The World: The Great Commission

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Is anything stopping me from fulfilling Christ's command to take the gospel to all people?


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Unhooked /

Tobacco abuse is an accepted addiction in many societies. It is easily obtained and legal for young adults. Its availability is one reason why it is a common gateway drug for addicts.

Tobacco Public Policy

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Cigarette companies are dependent on underage smoking. Almost 90 percent of all regular smokers begin smoking at or before age 18, and almost every smoker tried their first childhood! Let's DO something about it!

Tolstoy's Confessions

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Leo Tolstoy was once the world’s most famous writer. He had all the world had to offer. So, what led him down the path to despair, despite all his worldly success? Cliff identifies what was missing.