"Leap of Faith" - Episode 4

StoryLine /

The widow's faith could be measured as a handful of flour and a little oil. As a meal it wasn't much, but as faith it was immeasurable, and God was just about to prove it.

"Let Them Know You by This" - Pr. Jose Cortes Jr.

Hope at Home /

Pastor Jose Cortes Jr. shares a message entitled "Let Them Know You by This".

"Naaman and Gehazi" - Episode 8

StoryLine /

You wouldn't think that such a small device could cause so much harm, but in many places motorists are banned from using cell phones. The reason? They distract the driver and cause accidents. Cell phones aren't our only distraction. In this episo

"Now Eye See"

Revival for Mission /

Dr. Jacob, a remarkable eye surgeon, has brought sight to thousands of patients by performing complete cataract surgeries in less than 2 minutes. He and his team operate “cataract camps” where the most needy of India are served. This dedicated ophthalmologist brings hope and healing—not just physically but spiritually as well.

"Peter - A Vision That Changed the World" - Episode 24

StoryLine /

In a dream, Peter was presented with a feast of unclean meats...and God corrected him when he turned them down.

"Peter Walks on Water" - Episode 10

StoryLine /

A relatively unknown sport, it leads groups of enthusiasts to attempt to walk on water. It is called, "Liquid Mountaineering," but long ago Jesus called it,"Faith."

"Peter's Deliverance" - Episode 3

StoryLine /

For Peter, following Christ meant almost certain death as he sat in prison, chained between guards. Unknown to him, God had another plan that neither Peter nor the praying church could believe, even as it unfolded.

"Pilate: A Nightmare Too Real" - Episode 12

StoryLine /

Pilate's counsel came from a dream, but his life was turning into a nightmare.

"Revelation Pure and Simple" - Episode 22

Disclosure /

It is considered one of the most confusing books of the Bible, but perhaps the best was saved for last.