Overcoming Guilt & Shame

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We have all experienced guilt and shame in one way or another. They are normal and necessary for survival. But these emotions can become toxic leading to distress and a poor sense of self. Discover ways to cope with shame and guilt.

05 Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary

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What is Jesus doing for us now?

10 America and Babylon

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Beasts. Dragons. Wars and Worship.

Raising Children with Disabilities

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Understand firsthand the challenges of parenting a child with special needs. Join Willie and Elaine as they talk with Jack and Cheryl Sonceau on the different factors of raising their daughter Lauren who has cerebral paisy. How do you overcome the challenges? What's the best ways to support families with these challenges?

Just Set Down Here

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Lesson 6 - Reading the Word of God

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Sunday November 3 - Saturday November 9

Lesson 12 - From North and South To The Beautiful Land

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Sunday March 15 - Sabbath March 21

Lesson 7: Covenant at Sinai

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Sunday May 7 - Sabbath May 15

Lesson 10: The New Covenant

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Sunday May 30 - Sabbath June 5