Lesson 13- Leaders in Israel

Hope Sabbath School / 23 VIEWS

Sunday December 22 - Sabbath December 28

08 Marriage

InVerse / 23 VIEWS

We were not created for sexual fulfillment, but to expand the kingdom of God.

Managing a Hair Shop and Motorcycles

Stupid Money / 23 VIEWS

Richard and Laurelee love motorcycles -- and sharing their love for Jesus with whomever will listen. “We just let them ask questions”. This episode is an inspiring journey of two people that love Jesus.

Integrity Pays Debt

Stupid Money / 23 VIEWS

When we are in debt, the principle of integrity will guide us to pay it off. Gil Brown, chaplain and locksmith, shares how he built his business and learned how to manage money. He gives three rules to stay out of debt.

Pray at All Times

Revival for Mission / 23 VIEWS

What is prayer, and how can we know Someone is really listening? What if I need someone to pray for me -- where can I go? How can I pray for someone I don't even know? Learn about an exciting new way to pray together on this episode.

The Power of Love

Revival for Mission / 23 VIEWS

Michael Sokupa grew up under apartheid in South Africa. Under the law, he was relegated to the lowest class of society simply because of his skin color. Nevertheless, God showed him his true worth through kindness in unexpected places and eventually the wall of separation “came tumbling down.”

About My Father's Business: Jesus As A Boy

Hope at Home / 23 VIEWS

Insights from Jesus' childhood: How do we handle it when others misunderstand us?

Navigating Through The Seasons of Grief & Beyond

Revival for Mission / 23 VIEWS

How does one cope with loss--and the sorrow and grief it brings? Little Dawson was the joy of his parents’ lives, but tragedy struck and Steve and Karen Nicola had to face the death of their son. After experiencing their own sorrow, the couple now have a special ministry helping others learn to navigate through grief and beyond.

Thank You, Harry

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 23 VIEWS