Lesson 1 - Hosea: Spiritual Adultery (2nd Qtr 2013)

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Lesson 1-Hosea: Spiritual Adultery

Smoking Cessation Week Episode 4

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Becoming smoke free is not all plain sailing. There are often traps along the way. Perhaps some you haven't thought of yet. What foods may help or hinder? Is exercise important? What should I drink? What do I do during breaks at work? Tune in!

Child Behavior and Diet

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Asthma, allergies, autism and ADHD are all on the increase. And those most at risk? Well, it's our children. 1 in 3 kids in the US are affected by at least one of these issues. How might you improve the health of your child? Watch.

Falls in the Elderly

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One in 3 people over 65, fall every year. And for those over 75, that rate rises to 1 in 2. Falls are the largest contributor to injury deaths in the elderly.

Osteoarthritis & Prehabilitation

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The commonest cause of physical disability in adults worldwide, is osteoarthritis. It affects more than 20 million Americans today. On today's episode watch for an excellent approach to treatment!

The Triumphal Entry - Episode 13

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Do you feel that political powers oppress those who are weak? Do you feel that religion has become a tool for exercising power and oppression?

Lesson 3 - The Holy Spirit (3rd Qtr 2014)

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Lifting the Lid on Sexual Abuse

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Willie and Elaine explain how sexual abuse is impacting our families, communities, schools, and even our churches. Claudette Andrews joins the discussion.