"Leap of Faith" - Episode 4

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The widow's faith could be measured as a handful of flour and a little oil. As a meal it wasn't much, but as faith it was immeasurable, and God was just about to prove it.

"Baruch - God is Listening" - Episode 23

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When it seemed that nobody was listening, God certainly was.

"Peter - A Vision That Changed the World" - Episode 24

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In a dream, Peter was presented with a feast of unclean meats...and God corrected him when he turned them down.

"Saul's Conversion" - Episode 25

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He was known as the best of the best, but to God, Saul needed a drastic change in his life.

Go Healthy... For Good! Exercise

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Strong evidence demonstrates that those who are more active are more likely to have an ideal body weight, lower rates of many diseases and lower rates of death. All this for the sake of spending a little time being active!

The Church of Sardis - Episode 5

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Was Martin Luther foretold in the Bible?

Early Childhood Education

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Scientists have learned that a toddler's brain develops over one hundred trillion synapses. The more synapses formed, the more you learn! Watch, as we explore how you can maximize your child's potential for a life of success.

Elisha and the Bears- Episode 12

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Find out what happens when a group of youth lose their respect for God and His messenger!

Tobacco Public Policy

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Cigarette companies are dependent on underage smoking. Almost 90 percent of all regular smokers begin smoking at or before age 18, and almost every smoker tried their first cigarette...in childhood! Let's DO something about it!