What Went Wrong With Paul's Plant?

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 10049 VIEWS

Integrity Pays Debt

Stupid Money / 10044 VIEWS

When we are in debt, the principle of integrity will guide us to pay it off. Gil Brown, chaplain and locksmith, shares how he built his business and learned how to manage money. He gives three rules to stay out of debt.

Lesson 9 - Lawgiver and Judge (4th Qtr 2014)

Hope Sabbath School / 10038 VIEWS

Lesson 13 - The Cost of Discipleship (1st Qtr 2014)

Hope Sabbath School / 10037 VIEWS

Lesson 13 - Turning Hearts In the End Time

Hope Sabbath School / 10034 VIEWS

Sunday June 23 -Sabbath June 29

Lesson 7 - Language, Text and Context

Hope Sabbath School / 9994 VIEWS

Sunday May 10 - Sabbath May 16

Lesson 7 - Living Like Christ (3rd Qtr 2014)

Hope Sabbath School / 9980 VIEWS

Building a Better Brain

Go Healthy For Good! / 9978 VIEWS

The NIH defines addiction as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that changes the brain’s structure and how it works. They say these brain changes can be long-lasting and lead to harmful behaviors. Discover if you have an addiction!